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Ecole bilingue de Berkeley
États-Unis / Berkeley
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Professeur des Ecoles langue française


The Teacher reports to the Primary Head. They work in close cooperation with the classroom teacher from the other program or specialists if any.  The Teacher conducts the student’s program in a manner that is in keeping with both the highest standards of professional competence and ethics, and with EB’s mission, policies and procedures. 


The Teacher is responsible for pedagogical choices and curriculum design. The Teacher directs the student’s program in a manner that appropriately nurtures and challenges each student to reach his/her fullest academic, intellectual, social and physical potential.


Pedagogical Performance

  • Master Ecole Bilingue curriculum and programs in the Teacher’s language of instruction

  • Be familiar with Ecole Bilingue curriculum and programs in the other language of instruction

  • Work with individual and small groups of students as necessary within the classroom or as a part of student remediation programs

  • Remain informed about educational issues and best classroom practices through media and publications, and by seeking out professional development opportunities that are of interest to the program

  • Attend scheduled parent/teacher conferences

  • Attend individual conferences at the request of the administration or of the parents

  • Be responsible for all curriculum and all pedagogical aspects of the program. Classroom activities can be suggested by Teacher’s Assistant (if any) but their implementation is subject to Teachers’ approval

  • Display student work and other materials on the walls and bulletin boards as appropriate in an aesthetically pleasing manner

  • Arrive to class with all support materials necessary to implement lessons already prepared, including lesson plans and scope and sequence progressions

  • Ensure that classroom curriculum content and pedagogical techniques are consistent with the school’s curriculum and accepted practices, and effective for students of diverse abilities

  • Create an inclusive learning environment with a focus on Diversity and Equity. 

Classroom Management

  • Set up and maintain a creative, orderly, clean and favorable learning class environment that corresponds to the developmental needs of the group

  • Demonstrate and insist on respectful use of all materials and the class environment

  • Ensure the safety of all students at all times, and particularly during lunch and recess duties by actively supervising the area to which assigned and also throughout the day by ensuring all students are behaving in a safe and respectful manner while in school common areas (hallways, stairs, library, etc.)


  • Model citizenship through positive and respectful interactions with students and all community members

  • Maintain student discipline by establishing and communicating appropriate expectations/rules/procedures with students and enforcing them with consistency, fairness and firmness.  Cooperate with the administration when support for discipline is necessary

  • Practice constructive discipline techniques in and outside of the classroom that model and encourage respectful peer interactions in order to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment

  • Notify specialists regarding students with academic, social or behavior issues in order to provide necessary support

  • Provide reasonable instructional accommodations to address various student-learning styles within the classroom

Faculty and Staff

  • Support constructive faculty and staff relations through problem solving, flexibility and communication

  • Support professional collaboration with faculty and staff members including specialists to ensure consistency and continuity in classroom programs

  • Attend and participate professionally in all the scheduled full faculty and cycle meetings 

  • Attend and participate professionally in other faculty meetings as requested by the administration

  • Cooperate with staff members and the administration on program and scheduling changes



  • Enhance a feeling of trust about the school by fostering a respectful, cordial and professional relationship with parents

  • Share information received from a parent that is relevant to a child’s well-being and successful education with other classroom teachers or Teacher’s Assistant

  • Provide the parents with the information necessary to support their student and the program, including homework assignments and upcoming class events



  • Participate in a professional and objective manner in the faculty evaluation/development process

  • Be responsible for seeking administrative approval and support for professional learning opportunities that are of interest to the program

  • Support the maintenance of up-to-date academic and behavioral records by submitting required forms completed and on time, and keeping records of test, projects and trimester grades on each student

  • Respect all school procedures

  • Abide by EB confidentiality policy as per the contract and handbook



Profil recherché


The Teacher must have a strong knowledge of children's development and school programs. They must have demonstrated teaching skills and mastering of the subject taught, as well as excellent professional recommendations. A minimum of two years of experience working with students is required.  Fluency in the other language of instruction is a plus. In addition, the Teacher must have: 

  • solid organization and communication skills

  • strong classroom management skills

  • an ability to work independently and as a member of a team

  • an ability to give attention to details

  • an ability to take initiatives

  • a passion for children and an understanding of and respect for students’ individual learning styles

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